It is through creative activities children learn about themselves, their interests, emotions, aspirations etc. Group activities encourage children to collaborate with others and develop socially. Aashwasan launches creative activities for children to learn art and theatre and through it explore experience and express themselves. After the art workshop, the Art work of children will be displayed for parents. A theatre show will be put up for the parents are the completion of the theatre workshops.

With every line drawn and every colour spread on the paper, every texture felt and every stroke of the brush children are able to experience the magic they have and the power to create with inanimate objects. Children are taken through a facilitative experience where they use art to give their feelings and thoughts a tangible form.
Take Aways:

  • Learn about different Art forms
  • Learn how art can be used in their environment
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Develop decision making skills

Theatre is a collaboration of various arts through which a child can express their true self. As they learn about different aspects of theatre through games and activities they will be able to express themselves  freely. 
Take Aways:

  • Develop skills for theatre
  • Awareness of one’s emotions and thoughts
  • Develop healthy body image
  • Develop social skills

Aashwasan Reaches Children Center,
405, 3-A Cross, HRBR Layout, 2nd Block Bangalore - 560043
from April 6th 2015 - April 11th 2015
For more details or to register for the event contact 9731301014 /


Introducing Aashwasan
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