20th of March 2018
Hilton, Bangalore

A Timeless Journey to one's Deeper Knowing

A timeless experience, a hopeful assurance and an inward view of one's true being – such was the journey of  Spirit-U-All – Being a Woman – A Limitless Experience on the special evening of March 20th . As part of the celebration of International Woman’s month, Aashwasan offered a special journey as a gift to all who connected to life and its colours of experience. This event was an offering from the Woman Empowerment Initiative of Aashwasan Foundation.

Facilitating the event, Rashmi Aiyappa, the spiritual scientist and the source behind Aashwasan ScienceTM, took people through an intense journey of Self-inquiry and introspection. She offered an unconditional and unbound space for people to open their hearts, express their inner quest and seek answers to the most relevant questions of their life. As the session went ahead, people shared with complete freedom of thought and experience. One person's question became another person's introspection. Someone's dilemma led to opening of a totally new perspective of life's journey and profound interactions ensued which became eye openers. The journey went deeper as a serene elemental zone was created for a healing to be offered to people to connect to their silent self and listen to what they truly experienced within. Everybody present in that moment were taken through a gentle reminiscence of a journey lived till then and were guided to allow their true Self to open the door to a deep awareness of their inner most feelings.  Varied experiences were shared after the session - "I have never experienced such a moment before. I feel transformed"."I felt heaven within." "My backache has vanished. I feel deep bliss." The experience became a medium for men and women to connect to the deepest cord of their being that knows no limits or limitations of conditions or conditioning of life. It became a way for people to feel the freedom to be who they are at that moment. The evening found its culmination with participants interacting with Rashmi Aiyappa one-on-one, as they held that moment with deep gratitude of being there in that purposeful moment.

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