Event Highlights
6th to 13th Feb 2016
Command Hospital

All over the world Feb 4th is observed as World Cancer Day and the entire week is celebrated as World Cancer Week. The theme of the World Cancer Day for 2016-17 world over is “We Can – I Can"

Aashwasan Foundation, which has been working for the cause for past 10 years, was invited by Command Hospital, Bangalore to join hands to commemorate their week long Cancer Awareness initiative. Aashwasan was there to bring awareness in people on the hope & possibilities offered by Aashwasan ScienceTM. On the 6th February 2016, Aashwasan was given an opportunity to present its unique perspective on Cancer and its exclusive methodology of treatment. Aashwasan, a Spiritual Science Organization has been working in the field of Cancer to bring benefits at Preventive, Curative and Palliative care.

Addressing the gathering,  Aashwasan’s founder, the world renowned Spiritual Scientist and Social Innovator,  Ms. Rashmi Aiyappa spoke about building a cancer-free world and how It is important to address cancer at the root to help individuals have holistic and optimal solution from the deadly disease. An interactive session ensued which brought some simple and basic realities of life. People's view was turned towards their individual experiences and brought their focus to their identity. As a gesture of acknowledgement of Aashwasan’s unique approach of towards reducing the global burden of cancer,  Ms. Rashmi Aiyappa was felicitated by Radiotherapy Dept of Command Hospital.

The one week camp (from Feb 8th to 13th 2016) at the Radiology dept. saw over 100 people visiting the stall put up by Aashwasan to know more about Aashwasan's intervention. Each conversation ended with a re-assurance that there is hope. Though it started with inquiries on cancer, there were many inquiries for various physical and psychological conditions that Aashwasan is able to offer path-breaking support for. The week spent there was a very significant one as the practitioners not only could hear the voices of helplessness and hopelessness about the immense suffering Cancer brings, but also could be the voice of Hope that told them that they are not alone and that they can overcome.

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