Event Highlights
7th of Jan 2016
Unnati Center

An energetic morning awaited us at the Unnati Vocational training Center on the 7th of January located in NGF colony.  The classroom was packed with students from underprivileged backgrounds who were getting trained to be placed in MNCs across Bangalore.

The atmosphere was filled with curiosity and excitement to learn and grow in order to create a better future for themselves. The 50 plus trainees were given the Aashwasan perspective about  “Healthy Performance” at work. As the Aashwasan practitioner conducted the program, very different and unique viewpoints were shared by the participants about health and performance in a working environment.

 Insights shared by the Aashwasan Science practitioners kindled their spirit and gave way to an open experiential approach to life and oneself. The entire space deliberated  - " When you are happy and do anything from heart, it builds a healthy performing state. Everything is inbuilt in you and it is a matter of connecting to the true self that is important. The connection to the real experience versus what is the conditioned self ".

It was astonishing to see the impact the program had. By the end of the program, participants knew the key to healthy performance and shared their experiences in their own words.

One of the participant shared -" What you spoke changed me, I will be open to what I have in me and change myself.  I feel confident to work anywhere.

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