About Us

Aashwasan Foundation is a PUBLIC CHARITABLE TRUST registered u/s 12A (a) No. DIT(E)BLR/12A/AABTA8249C/A-1087/ W-1/ 2007 – 08 and recognized u/s 80G (5) (vi) of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Aashwasan Foundation is also registered under FCRA (Foreign Contributions regulatory Act) and is eligible to receive donations from overseas.

Aashwasan Foundation offers Aashwasan Science TM  as path breaking diagnostic and treatment services to address physiological, psychological, psychosomatic and spiritual issues to bring about complete well-being in an individual. Aashwasan ScienceTM  contains the knowledge of human mechanism, creation and experience. Aashwasan Science TM  is not only able to identify root cause of issues, illnesses, conditions and problems but it is also able to offer transformatory solutions. It enables individuals to identify, explore, experience and express their maximum potential to live a beautiful life.