About the Founder


Ms. Rashmi Aiyappa, Spiritual Scientist and Inventor
Founder, Chairperson and CEO of Aashwasan Group of Companies.

Ms. Rashmi Aiyappa is a globally renowned spiritual scientist, inventor and founder of Aashwasan Science®. Her mission is to bring back and proliferate the ancient science that was lost to humanity. She is a source of a science which was discovered with secrets about timelessness and theories about life after death – one science that encompasses the mechanisms of all life forms into  a single dynamic format demystifying the root cause of all unknown, be it a disease, situations of life, relationships or not knowing one’s self at all. She is a creator of a space that has an answer beyond religion, belief, faith, logic and philosophy – it is an experience. It is a science that the world has been waiting for. To bring this to every individual in this world she has founded Aashwasan – a global revolution to bring love and happiness in our world.

Ms. Rashmi Aiyappa perceives time and space very differently from that of a common man. According to her , the experience of space is not possible without the arrow of time. This in fact agrees with some of the basic principles adduced by Quantum Physics and General theory of relativity. Space continues to expand even today. About 15 billion years ago before the Big Bang (if we can say so), there was no space. As time progressed space was created.

If space is a function of time, there was a time when there was no space and hence no time. Beyond time and space is a space where time and space collapses. This is also the zone of the unmanifest where the blueprint of life forms and life is available. Since this is the zone of the unmanifested and is beyond time and space , there are no restrictions and limitations or constraints. It is infinitesimal and infinite at the same time. This zone or space according to current known knowledge of physics exists only before the Big Bang or the Big collapse. Modern theories of Physics also suggest the intriguing possibility of existence of such a space in our current reality. Ms Rashmi Aiyappa experiences this zone on an everyday basis. This zone corresponds to the space between the smallest of the small (smaller than a quark) and largest of the large (sum of all the galaxies). It is like a bridge between both these extremes and hence completes the circle of existence.

Subtle energy is the energy that exists in such a dimension. Subtle energy corresponds to the blueprint of a specific life form, or many life forms. The subtle energy corresponding to a life form or an individual is the essence of that person and what the person will turn out to be. The subtle energy when interacting with matter creates life. Hence the subtle energy is also referred to as Lifeforce EnergyTM. Lifeforce EnergyTM is therefore the essence, the blueprint , the energy that exists beyond space and time. It is the creator of life and holds the potential to change the life form’s existence. Because of evolution, human beings access only a minuscule percentage of this knowing, and hence are able to manifest an insignificant percentage of their potential. By enhancing the experience of connection between our subtle energy and matter (mind and body), we can dramatically enhance the quality of our lives. The subtle energy or Lifeforce EnergyTM contains the knowing of all mechanisms of the body. A mechanism of a body is holistic and spans across multiple organs and systems of the body. Lifeforce MechanismTM – is the interaction of the subtle energy and matter (body-mind), where manifestation happens, which shows current state of the human being. Lifeforce MechanismTM is the sum total of all knowing of all the mechanisms in the human body-mind-soul. Though there is an original Lifeforce MechanismTM of an individual, over a period of time because of individual’s conditioning and choices, the mechanism deviates from its blueprint. Alteration of this mechanism leads to various physiological, psychological and psychiatric issues.