Aashwasan Reaches Children

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Aashwasan Reaches Children Centre

ARC Center is a platform created by Aashwasan to offer services in a manner that eliminates uncertainty in addressing issues faced by children, and provide the necessary creative inputs, treatment and therapies. Aashwasan has added and will continue to add specialists on its panel. Parents, schools, educational centers and child support centers are also handheld in giving their best to children.

ARC Center is a loving and a caring environment meant to nurture children. It will offer various innovative, creative, well-known and educational inputs to help children identify, explore, experience and express their potential. The objectives of ARC centre are as follows

1. Provide treatment, assessment, counseling and other support services for children with special needs and their parents

2. Be a resource/ support centre for parents, educators, organizations and institutions

3. Be a research centre to identify, apply and integrate well known as well as innovative practices to contribute to children’s all round development

The three key elements of ARC centre are
  • The right people – ARC centre has people who are compassionate, passionate and dedicated to bringing hope to children’s lives, with love and skill.
  • The right expertise – Aashwasan helps parents identify and decide the exact expertise that gives the necessary input required for the child’s development. A panel of experts in their own field come together to offer their services in advisory, assessment and therapeutic capacities.
  • The right environment – An environment that responds to the need of the child is created and maintained so that children are able to experience their true self. Caretakers, educators, therapists all come together to make a truly joyful environment.