An appeal from Aashwasan

Aashwasan Foundation was registered in 2006 as a charitable trust u/s 12A (a) and recognized u/s 80G (5) (vi) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and has since then transformed the lives of thousands of individuals. Aashwasan has achieved 29 “first of its kind in the world” breakthroughs in various health chronic, severe, degenerative and life threatening conditions. Treatment done at Aashwasan is completely non-intrusive, natural and addresses issues at the root cause level. The transformation is experienced in all levels – physiological, psychological and spiritual. Aashwasan services are scientific in approach, experiential in nature and permanent in its manifestation. Aashwasan has also reached out to many through empowerment services, organizational offerings, programs for purposeful living, awareness programs etc. All services of Aashwasan help individuals identify, explore, express and experience their infinite potential.

Significant areas of contribution of Aashwasan Foundation are – Health and Wellbeing, Education, Social issues, Research, Environmental Health, Awareness and Empowerment of Underprivileged and Differently Abled.

Aashwasan has launched Revolutionary Movements based on the breakthrough results, where we seek your encouragement and support to make it a global movement. The vision of all the revolutionary movements is to have a global impact and Aashwasan members have created diverse ways to manifest each of these revolutionary movements. These movements are building their momentum and are urging for us to come together to transform the world. You can donate to support Aashwasan or any of the revolutionary movements as mentioned below.

  • Aashwasan Reaches Children: This is based on breakthrough results achieved in treating children with special needs (having conditions such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, ADHD etc.) and bringing them to near normalcy. ARC’s mission is to create a world where every child’s potential is nurtured and recognized. A world that responds to the need of every child rather than expecting them to cope with the “mainstream”.
  • Deaddiction and Rehabilitation: This revolutionary movement is based on breakthrough results achieved in de-addicting individuals without withdrawal symptoms and bringing a cure for secondary complications such as neuropathy, psychological issues and depression among others. The mission of this revolutionary movement is to rehabilitate individuals, bringing out their creative self, enabling them to discover their purpose and making them contributing members of the society.
  • Humane Education: This is a breakthrough program created to redefine education. Education in today’s world is an objective process without a humane foundation that leads to mindless learning. Learning can be creative only when the humane aspects are involved. The mission of Humane Education is to redefine education to nurture individuals who can enquire, enjoy and seek excitement in creating. It is a tool that empowers individuals to experience knowledge in their own unique way. This program has been successfully implemented in 20+ schools impacting 1000+ children.
  • Preventive Health Initiative: This is based on breakthrough results achieved in curing deeply psychosomatic, debilitating and life threatening conditions such as cardiovascular illnesses, hypertension, cancer, allergies, addictions, depression and respiratory issues among others. Preventive health initiative was created to address issues at the root cause level before they manifest as these conditions. This is done by empowering people and restoring their natural mechanism thereby eliminating manifestations of many of these conditions. This initiative empowers people to take responsibility of their lives and live a life of hope, happiness and health.
  • Initiative for Victims of Abuse: This is based on breakthrough results in addressing the devastating impact of abuse on an individual’s life. Secondary issues such as addictions, psychiatric, psychological issues and psychosomatic problems are also addressed at the root cause level helping individuals live a self sufficient, happier and a fulfilling life. This initiative was created to bring hope to all those who have been violated to take control of their lives and be empowered to live a life of their choice.

Other revolutionary movements are Women’s Empowerment Movement, Heal Cancer Initiative, Heal Depression Initiative and Initiative for the differently abled.

Ways to support our journey

Though Aashwasan has reached out to many, the journey has just begun. If you have ever hoped that the world should be changed for the better – Come and get together with us to spread love, hope and happiness. Get involved in making this world a beautiful and loving place.

Start with yourself.
Reach out to someone in need.

Tell people about Aashwasan.
Contribute to Aashwasan.
Fundraise for Aashwasan.
Share your dream for the world with us

Aashwasan Foundation is open to donations from India and overseas. All donations are exempt u/s 80G of Income Tax Act 1961.

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