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Aashwasan’s Humane education revolution’s objective is to bring back the essence of true education. Through a series of techniques drawn from the tools and techniques invented by Ms Rashmi Aiyappa, this movement has created a joy of learning, humanised education, opened up teachers and students mind in unimaginable ways and made them compete with themselves rather than with others. This has resulted in dramatic reversal and reduction of many of the deleterious side effects. In many cases, bullying has come down dramatically, students performance for true learning has increased. It has changed the perspective of teachers and made them more humane. The whole process of learning and education has become more enjoyable. Stress levels in students have reduced dramatically and students are able to focus more on themselves than on others. The effort levels and motivation levels of students has dramatically increased.

The funds raised will be utilized towards conducting series of awareness programs on humane education to spark a revolution in the educational system. The structure and the knowledge shared in these programs are based on the principles of Aashwasan Science®; which contains the knowledge of human mechanism and its experience. These awareness programs will promote humane qualities such as compassion, acceptance, assertiveness, the spirit of coopetition bringing the experience of oneness. They highlight the importance of recognizing each child as an individual and ignite the spark of imagination, dreaming, creativity, innovativeness, togetherness and collaboration. A conducive educational environment leads to reduced bullying, abuse, crimes, reducing stress, emotional and psychological and psychosomatic problems in children laying the foundation for a better society tomorrow.

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