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Humane Science

What is the purpose of education? How should students feel when they learn subjects?

Learning is as much about the process as it is about the content. How one goes about learning various subjects is as critical as what is learnt. The process of learning is what gives joy to a student, invokes the creativity of students and brings out the best out of them. The process of learning also determines


For example a process of Inquiry to learn a subject creates a sense of wonder in the students. It invokes curiosity in the student. This then becomes the process of inquiry for students. It is the process which creates the sense of objectivity and the spirit of scientific inquiry. The process of learning can be designed to meet various objectives. It could create the motivation required for a student to learn a subject, it can create the initial spark in a student, or it can create a knowledge base which is permanent in the student’s mind.

The objective of Humane Science is to balance this process of inquiry and learning. The process needs to be creative, humane and objective. What is learnt may be important to accomplish certain tasks in later part of life, but it is the process which stays with a human being permanently. It is our endeavor to inculcate this process of inquiry and learning in a human being. The objective is therefore to clearly create individuals who can question, enjoy and seek excitement in creating new things in Science or in other areas.

How can the education system foster creativity? How can it sustain the spirit of inquiry in a person? How can it encourage the scientific temper? How can it bring out the innermost sense of creativity from within? These are the questions which we would like students to experience through the process of Humane Science.

The humane aspect of inquiry can be experienced through the process of Creative debates. The process of learning and executing the projects unlocks the potential within the student.

Objectives of Humane Science are: