Introduction | Humane Science | Coopetition | Applications of Humane Science | Testimonials

  • “Humane science can support the one’s who cant express themselves well, low on self esteem to help them get these opportunities” – Student from Vidya Niketan Public School
  • “Creative Debate opens up minds of different people and helps them in their curriculum” – Student from The oxford senior secondary school
  • “A freeing experience which enables you to attain true happiness for having unlocking the true potential inside” – Student from CMR National Public School
  • “I really think that Humane Science and Creative Debate and Humane Science can impact the educational system. They force the students to think out of the ordinary. This thinking can change the educational system for the good.” – Student from CMR National Public School
  • “Please conduct Creative Debate in all schools if possible” – Student from Bishop Cottons boys school
  • “Humane science has been one of the most innovative methodologies I have witnessed. I have seen my daughter transform. As a corporate citizen I feel there are many learnings which can be applied to improve team work. – Said Pankaj, parents of one of the participants
  • “Humane science enables you to unleash your creativity and teaches you to accept and adjust and the scientific world with a unified stand.” – says Shreya Student of CMR National Public school and a participant in humane science
  • “Humane science is – come together, be together, share with each other and all of us win together. It was inspiring everyone by bringing out passion in them” – said Mrs Srinivas, Teacher Bishop Cottons Boys School