Heal Cancer Initiative

Cancer is caused by genetic mutations which causes cells to behave as a single cell organism and not adhere to systemic requirements. Despite technological advances and breakthroughs in healthcare the incidence of cancer is increasing in our world. Today, cancer is now the second largest killer on the planet, a disease of human suffering.

Although cancer is known to have genetic origins, there is an increasing awareness that cancer is spreading because of dysfunctionality in human lives and the impact of psychological behaviour on physiological format. This has resulted from the impact of evolution on human mechanism resulting in organic changes in physiological, psychological and spiritual experiences of mankind altering the dynamics of life experiences today. Today instead of experiencing possibilities of human life we experience diseases like cancer. Our day to day lifestyle adds to the severity and growth of cancer. A disease like cancer results from a combination of past imprints and current life choices. While we tend to put our entire effort to address aspects that is in our control i.e. lifestyle, we are not equipped to address genetic alterations resulting from billions of years of evolution.

Aashwasan Science® has its uniquely addressed cancer as a disease addressing it in all levels – which is diagnose, treat, cure, prevent and finally offer palliative support. One of the key take aways is the unique manner in which cells respond i.e. the genetic metabolism with which the body functions to rehabilitate the dysfunctionality out of the system. The cell mapping techniques brought about by Aashwasan Science® not only rejuvenates their overall experience in living harmoniously but also enhances the life span of the individual.

Heal Cancer Initiative is based on the unprecedented breakthroughs in diagnosing and treating cancer. Aashwasan services address the condition at the root cause. The manifestation can be seen in optimal functionality of the body allowing an individual to live a quality of life. Aashwasan services also empower individual to address and bring dramatic changes in lifestyle towards a healthier life. Aashwasan Science® approaches to individuals suffering from cancer have been in the following manner –

Prevention: Aashwasan renders its unique tools and techniques to prevent manifestation of cancer, which are cause by genetic and lifestyle indicators. Irrespective of the the root cause is in an individual, these tools and techniques are designed to address the disease at its origin.

Diagnosis and Treatment: When individuals reach us with proof of certain stage and type of cancer we revisit and get a complete overview – which is body, mind, soul using Aashwasan Techniques. We approach each individual using a unique process and methodology in treatment. Techniques used in Aashwasan not only address the condition but are also instrumental in bringing about a fulfilling experience in all aspects of life.

Palliative Support: For individuals who reach us in the advanced stages of cancer, Aashwasan Science® brings about an optimal capacity of the body as a result of which the individual is able to cope better with clear benefits such as improved immunity, healthier body functions and pain management. As a result Aashwasan’s approach individuals are led to experiencing a graceful and harmonious living, instead of being fearful of a painful end.

The treatment plan varies from person to person depending on their specific need.