Heal Depression Initiative

People suffering from depression cannot merely get better by deciding to do so. Despite their willingness to come out of that state they are not able to. Depression is not the same as a passing blue mood. True clinical depression is a mood disorder in which feelings of sadness, loss, anger, or frustration and self harm interfere with everyday life for an extended time. The moods they go through can either be really draining or benumbing or confusing, making many feel helpless and out of control. One can even start contemplating suicide and choose to take one’s life. Depression disturbs the equilibrium of life.

Depression may be brought on by various reasons. Disappointment at home, work, or school (in teens, this may be breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, failing a class, or parents divorcing), death of a friend or relative, prolonged pain or having a major illness, medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, cancer, Multiple Sclerosis or hepatitis, drugs such as sedatives and high blood pressure medications, alcohol or drug abuse, chronic stress, childhood events like abuse or neglect, social isolation (common in the elderly), nutritional deficiencies, sleeping problems and so on.

Aashwasan brings a ray of hope in the lives of the depressed by putting them in touch with their inner strength and inner will to be healthy, happy and purposeful. It brings acceptance and grace in life thereby showing beauty and joy they intrinsically are endowed with.


Benefits of the program
  • It helps the individual gracefully accept himself/herself thereby come to terms with any painful situation.
  • It helps resolve all the childhood traumas and issues that help in lightening the burden on their heart. This helps one to feel more hopeful about their life.
  • Aashwasan services brings individuals in touch with their purpose that helps them look forward to their life.
  • Aashwasan services brings out individual’s own will and inner potential to live well.
  • Aashwasan services brings the fundamental shift where people start looking at themselves and their life afresh. This helps the individual to understand everything in right perspective.
  • Aashwasan services helps the individual in focusing on what he/she can do, rather than he/she cannot.
  • Aashwasan services restores body’s optimal mechanism.
  • Aashwasan services cleanse the toxins accumulated in the body due to lifestyle choices.
  • Aashwasan services repairs the cells, tissues and all affected parts of the body and rejuvenates the system.
  • Aashwasan services heightens sense of awareness of his/her body and mind to restore his/her emotional and physiological well being.

Every individual is unique and goes through life’s experiences in their own manner. Therefore, every individual experiences healing in their unique way. Aashwasan gives a ray of hope in people’s lives for them to see possibilities of a beautiful and fulfilling life.