Transformatory Counseling

Through psychological counseling, therapists can only make an educated guess as to what maybe going on by observing visible symptoms, behavior patterns etc. Counseling works through the conscious mind and attempts to understand what the individual is truly going through within at the unconscious level. Since most of the problems or root causes lie at the unconscious, achieving results by addressing only the apparent is not definite.

The fact is that our conscious aspect constitutes about 3% of the entire existence, 97% of our existence is not utilized. Transformatory Counseling addresses our conscious and unconscious existence by combining counseling and spiritual science techniques. Through transformatory counseling the entire picture is very clear to the Aashwasan Practitioner. The effects on the unconscious are deeper and long lasting. The purpose or the goal of counseling is established based on this. Clients are then, guided at the conscious level toward this goal.

As a result of transformatory counseling, life patterns alter dramatically. Unseen talents, latent potential come to the surface. This adds to the sense of purpose of the individual.

The unique aspects of Transformatory Counseling:

Transformatory Counseling goes directly to the unconscious. A Counselor has clear destination toward which a client needs to be taken. The counselor approaches a person from both conscious and unconscious plane to address issues. The deepest issues and innermost concerns are tackled by delving into this core essence of a human being. As a result the counseling sessions are transformatory in nature. Issues are resolved. Person feels in touch with their innermost selves

The unique aspects of Transformatory Counseling:




N- Light Transformatory Counseling

1. To realize and live one’s potential

2. To resolve deep-seated physiological, psychological and spiritual issues

3. To experience one’s spiritual journey

1. Overall healing and rejuvenation of mind, body and soul

2. Understanding and living one’s larger purpose of life

3. Empowering and open relationship experience

4. Intuitive decision making at professional and personal levels.

X-Plore Transformatory Counseling

1. To explore one’s talent and true potential

2. To explore clarity in relationships

3. For creative resolution of issues

1. Holistic understanding of oneself and setting long term goals

2. Awareness of personal strengths and abilities

3. Synergizing people with their roles

4. Addressing health concerns

5. Alignment of individual vision and growth to that of the organization

Cope Transformatory Counseling

1. When overwhelmed by circumstances or personal experiences and are not able to move ahead

2. When one has a distinct feeling of being stuck

1. Smoothening personal and professional relationships

2. Relationship building

3. Resolve or cope with issues and conflicts in one’s life

Transformatory Counseling

1. To get more clarity

2. To resolve pent up issues

1. Unburdening oneself

2. Gaining a new perspective of the same situation