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Aashwasan Unprecedented Breakthroughs


Chronic conditions such as Migraine, Respiratory Issues, Low Immunity, Digestive System Related Issues, Chronic pains, Sciatica, Muscular System and Nervous System related issues, etc. stay with an individual for a long time. They develop because of acquired physiological and psychological patterns and impair a person’s ability to experience their life completely. Through Aashwasan services the root cause is identified and addressed. Over time the original mind-body-soul mechanism is restored. This dissolves the acquired life patterns and eliminates the progression of the condition resulting from it. As a manifestation, the process for reversal of the condition is initiated.

High levels of coping is brought about in situations where the condition is in an extremely advanced stage. At a coping level, clients experienced immense relief from pain (related to specific conditions), eliminating the need for medications for pain relief. Secondary psychological manifestations such as depression, fatigue, lethargy, lack of motivation and stress is addressed. Overall an individual experiences a dramatic improvement in his or her quality of life.