Initiative for Victims of Abuse

Victims of abuse are usually people who had been vulnerable, helpless and powerless. Abusers are usually in a powerful and dominant position in knowledge, physical strength and/or position in society. In most cases abusers would have a history of abuse.

Abuse takes place in many forms – Sexual, physical, neglect and emotional. It is not only prevalent with children in our society but in all aspects of our culture. Statistics of abuse are nothing short of shocking. Eight out of ten children have been subjected to one form of abuse or another and grow up to be adults with varying adjustment issues, affected health, skewed relationship etc.

Aashwasan interventions help victims of abuse at various levels of well being. The Initiative for Victims of Abuse was conceptualized with a view to treating them at physical and psychological levels and helping them to move on and lead a healthy and happy life. It was created to bring hope to all those who have felt violated, hence were unable to take control of their lives and live a life of their choice.

The objectives of this initiative are:
Process of Rehabilitation


Step 1: Establishing the need and stating objectives

Step 2: Providing Treatment

a. Aashwasan Treatment Services

b. Transformatory Counseling

c. Family Counseling and Support

Step 3: Follow up


Step 1: Presentating approach and establishing common purpose

Step 2: Defining objectives and set a time frame

Step 3: Aligning Services and finalizing the program

Step 4: Implementing the program

Step 5: Monitoring

Step 6: Presentation of comprehensive study of initiative and defining future plans