Women’s Empowerment Initiative

Many women do not experience their true selves. Their roles, responsibilities, obligations, others expectations, cultural stereotype predominate and dictate not only how women should behave but also how they should feel about themselves. The feeling of being different or not worthy is deep and personal for many women. It has bearing on woman’s fundamental freedom to make her own choices, seek expression and build the quality of life that is personal to her.

Aashwasan Women Empowerment Project was created in order to empower women to live a complete life – physically, psychologically and spiritually. They are helped to live their purpose and contribute to the society in their own unique way.

The objectives of this project are:

1. Rehabilitation program for those who have undergone trauma and torture, by bringing about holistic well being.

2. Providing Aashwasan services to diagnose, treat and cure physiological and psychological conditions which women might have developed as a result of experiences.

3. Support women to battle with conditions, which prevent them to live a complete life.

4. Restoring sense of self worth and self esteem and faith in their own abilities.

5. Supporting women in identifying, exploring and expressing their maximum potential.

6. Conduct Awareness among support networks (family, friends, NGOs etc), organizations, institutions and society.

7. Collaborate with institutions, organizations, NGOs, Government, Associations, renowned individuals and many more.