De – Addiction and Rehabilitation Initiative

An addiction starts as a habit and gradually becomes an integral part of our lives. Be it anything – coffee, tea, alcohol, drugs, smoking or anything similar to these – what’s common among all is the mental and physical dependence on the substance. All of us know the ill effects of alcohol, drugs and smoking, yet many a time the withdrawal symptoms are so severe that we choose to continue the habit rather than giving it up.

Aashwasan’s treatment helps a person overcome any form of addiction without withdrawal symptoms, restoring natural mechanism of the body, improving the psychological state of being, and improving the overall quality of life. Many existing malfunctions get reversed, giving a whole new dimension to life. A person regains control, exercises choice and overcomes addiction to live a life of optimal health and wellbeing.

Aashwasan extends its services to all those who want to regain control, exercise their choice and become de-addicted. It is done in a completely non-intrusive way. The treatment addresses addiction at the root cause and helps a person come out of it by bringing out the self healing abilities one is born with and the intrinsic need of that person to live well.