Lifestyle Stress

High demands of urban life is the order of the day. People work around the clock, and fail to pay attention to their basic needs of life. To cope with stress, people take to substance use such as coffee, alcohol, cigarettes etc. Lifestyle issues such as early burnouts, cardiovascular diseases, repeated stress injuries, urinary, reproductive and digestive problems are common. Family and relationships suffer. Today deep psychological issues have become common.

Lifestyle stress is a situation, where our mind and body believes that it has to be in the state of alert all the time. It recognizes stress as a normal situation. This results in alteration in attention, thought processes and structures (organs of our body) resulting in various health and psychological conditions.

Did you know?

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimate shows that over 60% of all deaths in the world are caused by Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) such as cardio vascular diseases, diabetes, cancer etc. The cause for increase in risk of NCD is faulty Lifestyles.

Consider the following startling facts in organizations

– Medical costs directly attributable to stress have increased by 96%

– 90% of employees in an organization have trouble focusing at work,

– Organizations are plagued with higher levels of absenteeism (86% thereby affecting performance

– Lifestyle stress severely affects the bottom lin of the organization by about 84%

Aashwasan Offers:

Individual program: This is meant for people who are feeling stressed and want to enjoy a stress free challenging life. The program is customized for individuals based on their need.

Awareness Program: Is mean people who want to get a deep insight into the issue. Group size: 50 to 200.

Lifestyle Stress Program: This is a workshop for individuals who want to gain a deep personal insight. The program helps individuals become aware of their patterns and how these patterns can lead to severe issues.

Aashwasan Wellness Retreat: This retreat is meant for people who want to reconnect to their natural self. This is a two day residential program undertaken in a natural setting. It takes a person through a deep experiential process of gaining insight, taking reponsibility and resolving key pattern that is affecting one’s life. This program infinitely empowers individuals on a deep level to be more aware of their day to day choices.


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