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Case Studies


Dr. Vaishali* (Female, 50 years)

Dr. Vaishali came with certain concerns on her professional front and certain health issues. One of the health issues was high level of Diabetes. She was under lot of stress due to long pending things that were not moving forward in her life and the stress she experienced due to this exacerbated the sugar level. When she came to Aashwasan, she actually was deliberating on taking insulin injections in addition to medicines.

She was recommended 3 sessions. After the very first session, she was surprised to see her sugar level drop to normalcy. The rest two sessions brought back mental peace and provided much needed clarity on certain important issues in life. Her mind and body feel much more rejuvenated . She not only got back her health, but to her delight her skin also changed drastically making her look much younger.

*Names are changed to maintain confidentiality