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Case Studies


Divya* (Female, 28 Years)

Divya had been physically beaten up by her father right from childhood. Even after she grew up and had started working, this kind of abuse did not stop. This severely affected her self esteem, self worth and confidence. She felt that she was not good enough. She could never assert herself. Her work suffered; more importantly her interpersonal relationships suffered.

She came to Aashwasan to feel peaceful in mind and to overcome her sense of low self worth. Four sessions were recommended. After every session she started seeing difference in how she looked at her self. She got more clarity on why she could not perform better. She became aware of her deep seated hurt and resentment. This helped her live fresh relationships. She started pursuing dance, which was her passion. Her interpersonal relationships became better. She started asserting herself which gave her freedom to explore healthier relationships. She started performing well at work.

Lidia* (Female, 32 Years)

Lidia had been sexually abused by an immediate family member for 7 years of her life when she was a child. This impacted her to such an extent that she hated to think about herself. She could not come to terms with it. She felt sad, angry, fearful and depressed. She felt guilty of having allowed this to happen to her. She suffered from low self esteem. Her relationships suffered. Her relationship with her husband was on the verge of breaking point.

She came to Aashwasan. Within a span of six sessions that were carried out over a period of 2 months, she resolved her deep seated fears and sadness.
She started looking at herself with renewed interest. She could manage her moods and felt more confident in handling her relationships. She started communicating more openly with her husband. She regained confidence in herself. She got back to work after many years.

*Names are changed to maintain confidentiality