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Aashwasan Unprecedented Breakthroughs


Aashwasan’s treatment helps a person overcome any form of addiction without withdrawal symptoms. It address all types of addictions including alcohol, nicotine, drugs, gambling, money, food, shopping, pornography etc. by enabling a person become aware of and resolve root cause behind the dependence on a substance. Aashwasan services also restores the natural mechanism of the body, eliminating the craving of the substance at the physiological level. Therefore, a person experiences deaddiction without withdrawal symptoms. On a deeper level a person looses the dependence on the substance as they have dealt with the core issue.

Additional take away for individuals is that many conditions/issues (such as neuropathy, digestive problems, etc) that result from prolonged use of substances are also addressed, giving a whole new dimension to life. Individuals report that they lead a happier, fulfilling and more meaningful life after availing a course of Aashwasan services.