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Case Studies

Addiction to Smoking

Dinesh* (Male, 33 Years)

Dinesh came to us as a part of De-addiction program we had conducted. He said he had been an alcoholic for 15 years. He would smoke only when he drank. He is working in a bank and it was very difficult for him to concentrate on work. He is very smart at his work but could not go up the hierarchy because he would say no to transfers that would come with promotion due to his addiction. His stomach was highly acidic, he would not eat well; his eyes were always red and unclear. He felt guilty that he was putting his family through so much of pain.

He came for De-addiction program that required him to go through six sessions. These sessions not only helped him with addiction, his sleep quality improved, and his appetite became better. He likes occasion partying and he could do it without indulging in drinks. He could abstain from drinks whenever he wanted to. His acidity was hardly felt. His eyes looked clear. He started going for walks and his breathing improved. His time with his family improved. He also felt easy at work, where earlier he would find people talking about him and he would always be conscious about this. His overall quality of life improved.

Addiction to Pornography

Rocky* (Male, 19 Years)

Rocky is a 19 year old boy who came to Aashwasan with a serious concern of addiction to pornography. His addiction affected his concentration on studies. He was worried about his exams that he was afraid that he would not perform well. He had low self esteem and he felt that his communication was ineffective. He felt guilty and sick about himself and was getting depressed.

After the treatment, he regained his confidence and self esteem. He did well in his exams and was more optimistic about his career. He realized that root cause of his addiction to pornography was his low self esteem and once that was addressed, he could get over his addiction.

*Names are changed to maintain confidentiality