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Aashwasan Unprecedented Breakthroughs


Lifestyle stress is a situation where our mind and body believe that it has to be in the state of alert all the time. It recognizes stress as a normal situation. This results in alteration in attention, thought processes, body functions and structures (organs of our body) resulting in various physiological and psychological conditions. Some of these are Repeated Stress Injuries, Diabetes, Hypertension, Insomnia, Impotency, Depression, Cardiovascular Issues, breathing problems such as Asthma and Wheezing, Spondylitis, Muscular Skeletal aches, early burnouts, relationship issues and family life among others.

Aashwasan services address these issues at the root cause level, eliminating the possibility of them manifesting as psychosomatic conditions. As an individual avails Aashwasan services, their body starts to recognize its natural state or original mechanism to slowly eliminate acquired faulty patterns. The power house behind the lifestyle issues is completely eliminated, enabling individuals to live healthier and a happier life. 95% of the types of such conditions have been addressed through Aashwasan services alone.