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Aashwasan Unprecedented Breakthroughs


Chronic conditions sometimes develop into full blown diseases that can be life-threatening for a person if not managed properly. Non-communicable conditions can also have a genetic basis and can be triggered by environmental factors e.g. diabetes type 1. The only way to deal with these conditions is to manage the symptoms so that it does not become life-threatening. At the first stage of the treatment, Aashwasan brings a high level of coping. E.g. for condition such as Arthritis, Aashwasan services help remarkably with the pain. This enables the person to be functional in his or her life. Aashwasan services also prevent secondary psychological and emotional problems from developing (eg depression). This enables a person to focus his physical, mental and emotional aspects in overcoming the problem. Given the right combination, many can and have overcome the condition. Therefore, Aashwasan services can help on preventive, curative/reversal, management and coping or palliative levels.