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Aashwasan Unprecedented Breakthroughs


Every “body” has a weak zone. For some people it’s the lungs, for some it’s the stomach, for some it’s the brain etc. Whenever a person goes through a difficult time such as sadness or stress, the body tends to store this in the weak zone so that the person can cope with the circumstances. This causes change in the functionality of the organ. Say if a child is very angry and is unable to express it, the lung’s functional capacity of the child may shrink. The child is unable to resolve this issue and the lung capacity remains shrunk. The child develops wheezing and/or asthma. Over many years such changes can impair the functioning for that organ and also cause physical damage. Eg, kidney failure, fatty liver, sensitive digestion, low immunity and many more.

Aashwasan services help the individual’s body identify the root cause and address it. The results have been seen at preventive, curative, management and palliative levels.