Aashwasan Reaches Children

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Testimonial #1

We have a child called Vinayak who was born with mild cerebral palsy. He was not able to walk. He had to be carried. Initially we gave him physiotherapy, he slowly started moving. After 3.5 years, we have put him to school. One of the major worries in his studies was his lack of concentration – he doesn’t have any concentration or any writing skills. He would quarrel with and even beat his friends. He was hyperactive. We got to know about Aashwasan through the school, and we started treatment. He showed improvement after every healing session. His understanding improved. He could recognize his feelings. He never showed any of his feelings first. Once we went to hair cutting saloon. Due to some distraction he changed the direction of his face and by chance the razor cut his ear. Vinayak didn’t feel the pain though his ear was bleeding profusely. All around were shocked, but he didn’t feel anything. After the healing has started, he has starting experiencing pain and other senses much better. Now he shows irritation even of a mosquito bite. His hyperactivity came down. His concentration has improved, his fighting with others has gone down a lot. He has started to write. There has been a gradual improvement.

– Kutty and Viji, Parents of Vinayak – Child with Cerebral Palsy and ADHD

Testimonial #2

I took a few healings to get a feel what exactly Aura science is. After taking healings I found it very difficult to accept my son though he is not severely autistic. But I was very anxious. I can imagine anxiety of parents who have real problems. They counseled me, and gave a few healings. The first change I felt within myself is that I accepted my son. Earlier when somebody said something about him I used to react and throw words saying “who is normal. Everybody has some abnormality from within them”. People used to mistake me. Slowly I realized that he has challenges and that he can overcome them. This was the first positive thing I felt within myself. I had a lot of anxiety which has reduced. I am able to handle him better. I realized that many parents are not able to accept their child with this kind of challenge and I have been able to overcome that. I treat him like my other child today. I had lot problems with my other child, siblings had a lot of problems. After Aura healing, I was able to understand my daughter better. Why she behaved the way she did, that she also wanted attention. I started to understand that both my children were equal. Although she is a regular child she also needs attention, I always used to be with my son. She felt neglected. It has been a wonderful journey with Aashwasan these two years. I am still hoping for great things to happen with me and my son. Today I enjoy with my son, which I never did. I thought he was a curse me before. He asks questions pertinent to the context. He communicates with people and makes relationships. He understands how he feels and voices them. Once he said, “no one plays with me. I felt sad. Later he came and put his hand on me and said, “It’s ok mom”. I can’t express how much the whole family enjoys with him now.

-Vidhya, Mother of a Child Diagnosed with Moderate Autism

Testimonial #3

I have been bringing my son to Aashwasan for nearly a year. We did see good change in him. His anxiety and fear have become less; people have told his face has become clearer after two sessions.

– His comprehension and awareness has improved

– His socialization and his flexibility too has improved

– His curiosity and thinking skills have increased.

– His therapies seem to have faster effect than before.

I feel the healings facilitated him to grasp the concepts better. My son feels very happy and excited whenever a healing session is scheduled which tells me that he is getting some good experience here, which is not able to explain with someone in near future.

-Mother of a Child who was diagnosed with Moderate Autism.

Testimonial 4

“My daughter Ruman is now 6 years old. She started getting convulsions when she was 3 years old and was diagnosed with generalized seizures, tonic clonic seizures, multiple sclerosis, cerebral cerebellum atrophy and neuro-degeneration. She took medications but these did not help, later she developed spasms and dystonia due to side affects. Her muscles had severe Spasticity. Her jaw line became distorted in shape. She could not bend her arms and legs. She could not speak. She had to be fed through a food pipe. Doctors gave up. God showed me the way, which lead to Aashwasan and after the first session itself, we could see changes. Her eye contact improved. She cried and expressed emotions which she hadn’t done for very long time. After one year, we could hear her voice. Her first word, after a long time, was “papa” and now she expresses many things now through sounds and gestures. Slowly we stopped the medications. Her seizures have reduced dramatically. Her muscles have gained strength. Her limbs are no longer stiff; they bend. Her head is getting fixed straight which earlier used to droop to one side. Her food pipe has been taken of and she eats by herself. .. It is a something miracle happened to my daughter and we see hope. I am so happy I can’t express myself. I got my daughter back. She is the child of Aashwasan.”

– Ruman’s Father