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Aashwasan Reaches Children is a revolutionary movement is based on unprecedented breakthroughs achieved in treating children with special needs. Aashwasan services realign a children developmental pattern manifesting as remarkable changes physiologically, psychologically and spiritually restoring their development to almost 100%  normalcy. ARC’s mission is to create a world where every child’s potential is recognized and nurtured. A world that responds to the need of every child rather than expecting them to conform. Children are put in touch with their infinite potential, empowering them to create a world of hope and possibilities. ARC empowers children to bring out their talents, achieve their dreams, identify, explore and express their uniqueness and live a happy and fulfilling life.

What does Aashwasan offer that is different? How do Aashwasan Services work?

To provide complete guidance it is essential

  1. To understand the mind-body-soul mechanism of the child. Understanding the mechanism helps one understand why the child is the way he or she is. Why he is having certain health issues, displaying cognitive problems, or has issues exhibiting a normal development.
  2. To understanding a child’s experiences – what is the child going through. How is a child experiencing his environment/himself and inturn why is he responding the way he is.
  3. When the child’s experiences and his mechanism is understood there is complete clarity on why he/she is doing what he is doing.

Child’s environment consists of three main factors

  1. His/her own behavior/health output that elicits a response from the environment. This is addressed by various therapies/ creative inputs/ special education/ medical interventions.
  2. His/her home environment: The key to creating an optimal home environment are parents. Aashwasan has an extensive program for supporting, handholding and guiding parents to create an ideal environment for their child, and also help them in making decisions for their children’s life.
  3. His/Her School Environment: Here the child is exposed to larger possibilities of himself as well as the world. The school environment needs to be optimized to support a child explore the world and explore himself herself in it.

The environment can only be optimized so that children can express their innate potential/talents/skills, helping them not only cope with their environment but live their life upto their potential.

Through Aashwasan services the cause and the effect of the child’s mechanism, his or her experiences and their manifestation (their behavior/health/ cognition etc.) are mapped. Aashwasan services such has healing addresses issues at the mechanism level bringing out the child’s innate potential thereby restoring his/her mechanism to an optimal level. Aashwasan’s assessment services bring a complete understanding of the child’s development need at that point (as development of a child is a dynamic process) and helps in aligning his/her environment to optimally meet the child’s needs.

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