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Services Available at Aashwasan Reaches Children Center
Aashwasan ScienceTM Services

Through Aashwasan services the cause and the effect of the child’s mechanism, his or her experiences and their manifestation (their behaviour/health/ cognition etc.) are mapped. Aashwasan’s assessment services bring a complete understanding of the child’s development need at that point (as development of a child is a dynamic process) and helps in aligning his/her environment to optimally meet the child’s needs. Aashwasan services such has healing addresses issues at the mechanism level bringing out the child’s innate potential thereby restoring his/her mechanism to an optimal level. Details of services offered through Aashwasan are given below


Aashwasan Awareness Programs bring in deep knowledge of spiritual science to bring clarity about human mechanism, our experiences, nature of various conditions and possibilities to overcome them. Through awareness programs Aashwasan’s previous work, indepth understanding of mechanism and learning’s with respect to its impact on curing a condition is shared. Topics on specific conditions have been very well received worldwide. This can be conducted for a first time audience or to a group of people interested in taking Aashwasan services. The awareness program itself has a unique take away – Hope.



This brings the complete understanding of the

  • Current Situation of the Child:   The child’s body-mind-soul mechanism is clearly brought out. The root cause of the condition is also brought out.
  • Potential of the child:   Potential of the child in all levels of existence ie. Body, mind soul is brought out.
  • Identifying talents and Skills:   Key talents and skills of the child are identified.
  • Optimum Path: The optimal path indicates the path which is taken to bring out the innate potential of the child. A complete roadmap is brought out that outlines specific milestones.  The development of the child can also be tracked as they go through the treatment.

Profiling maybe done in part or in full depending on the need of the client


This is a services the employs Time Specific InformationTM and Lifeforce MechanismTM Assessment tools to bring out the various stages of development the child goes through as he/she undertakes healing sessions. It is possible then to map change periodically to understand changes in the childs development, and offer appropriate therapies as support.

Assessment of Therapies through COPE Transformatory Counseling

Aashwasan supports parents and educators identify the most effective therapy/education program for the child at a given stage of that child’s development. In this manner Aashwasan supports elimination of trial and error in implementing therapies for children.


Aashwasan Treatment Services

This service uses Aashwasan ScienceTM techniques to address issues at the root cause level. Some of the general and dramatic improvements children have manifested are:

1. Improved Immunity: Many children with Autism, cerebral palsy are prone to chest congestions and gut infections. Improving their immunity addresses congestions and gut infections. The Aashwasan treatment makes the children become more resilient and helps them to fight infections effectively.

2. Neurological system and signaling repair: Neurological functioning and neuro – signaling issues are addressed thus bringing in cure for conditions such as epilepsy; cognitive problems typical to children with learning disability are addressed to bring about optimal learning and performance; sensory integration, adequate reflexes, cognitive abilities are brought out and enhanced to bring about optimal expression.

3. Emotional awareness and socialization – expression of emotional needs and preferences improves; responding and building relationships improves; children are able to express their feelings towards other people; Interaction with environment improves.

4. Motor abilities: Body balance, Coordination, fine and gross motor skills are brought about. Children show improvement in their day to day activities and reflexes.

5. Organ structures are repaired and their optimal functions are restored – Repair of muscles of children with cerebral palsy can release spasticity in muscles, strengthening floppy muscles, toning the finer muscles, enabling use and control of muscles etc.

6. Digestive and food allergies: Many children do not break down and or absorb nutrition well. Through healing, ability of the body to break down food normally and assimilate it is restored. Children with food allergies overcome them.

7. Cleansing of heavy metal deposits and other toxins – Many children with special needs especially autism, have shown the presence of heavy metal deposits in the brain. Through Aashwasan healing, the percentage of the heavy metal toxicity can be brought to normalcy.

8. Bringing out talents and skills. Aashwasan treatment naturally inclines children to exhibit their talents

The treatment is unique to every child and addresses the specific need of that child at that time and each child responds to the treatment in their own unique


Transformatory Counseling is a combination of spiritual science tools with counseling, to bring clarity, support and direction to individuals by facilitating them to understand their emotions, feelings and thoughts in a seamless way. This enables them to understand and experience oneness in their life. There are various types of Transformatory counseling services and the one’s offered depend on the need of the child.


Having a special needs child in a family brings unique challenges. Family bonding services help the family become more resilient in facing challenges and building closer bonds with each other, giving much needed to the child as well to cope with his/her condition.


Aashwasan Wellbeing Association for parents is a special place for parents created to provide assurance and emotional support. Parents who have been through the journey extend their hand in support to parents who have newly discovered a disability in their child. AWA provides extensive emotional support to its members, helping them through tough times, being a shoulder to lean on, celebrating achievements or helping parents to make decisions for their children.

The services are recommended after an initial consultation with the parents. Program Charges are discussed with the parents at consultation as the program varies from child to child.

Aashwasan works hand in hand with experts of various fields – therapists, doctors, special educators as and when required to bring a complete and holistic support to the family with children and adults with developmental issues.