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Applications of Humane Science
  1. Innovative use of knowledge to solve a day to day problem: Learning should be a pleasure. It has to foster critical thinking skills. It should make us more objective. It has to vet the curiosity of the individual.
  2. Innovative discovery: Creativity is hidden in all of us. All of us can be creative. It is not necessary to discover big principles – small ideas, little discoveries, are as creative as the big inventions or discoveries. It is necessary that students bring out the creative self from within.
  3. Innovative application of scientific principles: Creativity lies not only in discovery of principles but also in applying them across other areas. For example the usage of probability in studying population is a creative application. It can be very rewarding to use the principles of mathematics to study the heart or use the principles of capillary effect to explain flow of blood through veins.
  4. Innovative dissemination of scientific knowledge: Many a times, the same topic can be taught in a very innovative way. The benzene ring was an exciting discovery for Kekule. Kekule could not sleep for many nights before and after this discovery. If this is so exciting, why is it that most individuals are not able to share this sense of excitement? Finding new ways of teaching or disseminating knowledge is one of the core objectives of Science education.
Benefits to an Educational System
  • Humane Science is a scientific process. It addresses the key challenge in an educational system – tapping the human potential and ensuring the performance of the institution. Some of the key benefits observed were on implementation are:
  • Retention increases dramatically in students.
  • Dramatic increase in performance of students and teachers.
  • Students are motivated to participate in classrooms and activities. Accountability and responsibility becomes a part of them.
  • Students develop self confidence in their own unique potential and exhibit excellence in all aspects.
  • Brings accountability, responsibility and responsiveness in teachers in all levels, thereby increasing their productivity.
  • Teachers tap into their own potential making significant contribution to students.
  • They also make significant contribution to the institution’s know how.
  • Teachers naturally contribute to the vision of the school.
  • Teachers tap into their own creativity. This enhances their ability to conduct classroom sessions, solve problems, balance demands on their time, engage with students and much more.
  • Teachers fundamentally connect to their passion for teaching and making a difference in lives of children.
  • Humane Science instills a spirit of Coopetition. Every one work towards a solution or a common goal.